Winners & Nominees of 2019

September's Winners

Kevin Barr - Carcross

"A couple cyclists from Poland came into the visitor center late into the evening. They were cold, never having warmed up after spending last night in their tent in -7 temperatures. There was nothing open in Carcross, nowhere it seemed, for them to keep warm for the night. They were exhausted, tired, cold and hungry. After calling several places, with no luck, finally got a hold of Kevin, at Eagles Landing. This is eleven km from Carcross, so for cyclists to go that far when they were so tired, was almost impossible. They were so stressed at this point knowing there could be a bed for them, but in this town, where one cannot get cash because there is no atm, they were feeling quite down on their luck. Kevin could feel they needed help at this point after I explained the dilemma of not being able to get cash to pay for a room. They tried to get at least $60 cash from the grocery store, but no luck. Kevin came to the rescue! He decided he would just come and get them, load up their bikes and take them home, with no cost, except to “pay it forward” and so friends, a little care and concern was shown here today by his actions. One great Yukon Samaritan! They will not forget, and this story will be passed on for a long time! Thank you, Kevin, for being an example of kindness and compassion." — Shirly & Daphne, Carcross Visitor Information Centre

August's Winners

Larry Brown & Shahab Farhangi - Transit - City of Whitehorse

"His welcoming to myself and all of his passengers made us appreciate the luxury of riding a city bus. Always a friendly greeting and smile. Very professional and helpful. Made my day!" "Professional, friendly, very helpful. Guided me on numerous occasions to my proper route to where I was staying. He enjoys his job and its reflected on how he greets his customers." — Carol Hanc, Ontario

Max Wolsynuk - Nugget City, Watson Lake

"After spending an 8 hour day driving, my arthritis was affecting my ability to walk. When seeing me struggle to walk the distance to the office, Max did a u-turn on his ATV and gently suggested he give me a ride. He was very polite and treated me with respect, even though he was going out of his way. In speaking with him I found out he is about to turn 16 years old. As he left me to return to his duties, he asked if there was anything else he could help me with and said, it was nice to meet you. They say this generation is lazy and selfish. Max proved to me, none of those things are true!" — Gaya Kalsen, USA

July's Winners

Karen Chmilar - Gold Pan Saloon

"I decided to go to Yukon for my birthday solo and found myself homeless on the very first night. On the advice of a stranger I went to the Gold Pan Saloon and met Karen who literally saved my life! She gave me a place to stay for the night and advice about my Whitehorse vacation and made me feel safe and happy without knowing me." — T. Gardner, Ottawa ON

Roger Latondress - Nugget City, Watson Lake

"After being towed to Whitehorse and two days of repairs, we still had problems with our motorhome overheating. When we arrived at Nugget City Roger had it figured out in 5 minutes. He called for parts in Watson Lake and went to pick them up at no charge. So good to meet someone so reliable!" — A. Clay, Calgary AB

Tommy & Dawn Taylor - Fishwheel Charters, Dawson City

"The absolute best tour of the Yukon River, 5 stars! Great people and fine time!" — D. Stewart, Verona ON, M. Morse, New York, USA

June's Winners

Sara Lee Vickers - Beez Kneez Bakpakers

"Sara went above and beyond my expectations by finding and delivering missing bags and equipment that didn’t show up on flight into Whitehorse, finding a store to replace missing drone, making sure my bike was delivered to Dawson to meet the end of canoe trip, personally driving me to the grocery store. When I accidentally released my bear spray in the hostel, she tried to make me feel good though I felt very guilty. Sincere hospitality and support to help me set up a bank account and where to apply for a SIN card." — R. Rehn, London, UK; J. Yago, Whitehorse, YT; T. Delhotal, France

Brandi Willman - Dawson City Visitor Information Centre

"We got stuck in Dawson while driving to Alaska, Brandi was incredible at helping us find a place and things to do. Our cell phones were not working, so we used the VIC phone to call a tow truck. Brandi stayed 20 minutes after the centre closed to make sure we had our mechanical issues squared away." — S. Sundem, WA, USA

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